by Goner

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Recorded 02/24/2013 at Uniform Recording by Jeff Zeigler


released February 25, 2013

Mike Parsell - Drums
Roy Binnion - Bass
Brian Sokel - Guitar and Vocals



all rights reserved


Goner Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You are a goner.

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Track Name: Goner
She calls arms the tether of a gentleman
Swearing charms that break the spells of better men
Hands held with snake oil as a condiment
As the sun comes back up over Washington

WHO ARE WE to question moral fiber?
We who choose to cut them right beside her
WHO ARE WE to question local customs?
We who choose to absorb and then adopt them

A better storm of ideas makes a discipline
But only after questions stop repeating
Tell yourself she's safe from all those prying eyes
Staring darkly with chains swinging by your side
Track Name: Murderer
Everybody arms themselves like bastards
swearing that that they won't become a hazard.
Guns in hands to make us faster
answering the questions that we should have mastered.
Everybody wants to kill an asshole.

Does a gun mean we're scared and teething
or does a gun mean we're afraid of seeing?
Does a gun correct an insult
Does a gun give voice to an impulse?
Everybody wants to kill an asshole.

Everybody with a gun they say they won't be the guy to die this way
Everybody with a gun they say they won't be the guy to be


Killing creation
Murder this nation

Dillinger, you're a dangerous breed
with a .45 clip and a reason to bleed.
Dillinger, you're a dangerous breed.
Dillinger, you're making us bleed.
Track Name: Planes Over London
The aeroplane flew in low over London
the children came out to wave as it flew.
If the bow and arrow was the seed of invention
then it was the aged who waved it adieu.
What would you do with your limbs blown out before you?
Waving back in a dance tried and true.
What could you do when they sold it with respect to
all those kids who ultimately grew broken bodies and became you?
Track Name: Trust Me They Trust You
What ya gonna do when ya sleep in and forget to call out?
Forget to tell them that yr sick, that yr burned out
Where ya gonna hide when they miss you and they come round?
You don't know, you don't care, if you've been found out

Cuz you know that they don't know that
All their tries are gonna fall flat

Killed the wife, sold the kid, burnt the house down
Every lie is one that keeps you from getting found out
You live your life like you don't care and that's okay now
They wrote you off as another socially crippled let down

And they know that you don't know that
They never liked you anyhow